Petros Restaurants - Fine Hellenic California Cuisine



“Our menu is a combination of the best ingredients that Greece and California cuisine have to offer. We import olive oil, feta, honey, oregano and wines from Greece, the freshest organic vegetables from our farms in Los Olivos and wineries of our great state. Quality, simplicity, healthy and tasty food is the creation of that combination. Enjoy.”

Owner & Chef, Petros Benekos

 Petros Benekos

Above all, Benekos remains committed to ideals that he says lead to success. “Hard work, simple common sense, loyalty and communication. If you have these four things, there is no way you can fail, no way.

Even in a down economy, he isn’t too worried. A strong subscriber to the value of hard work, Benekos thinks a little bit of hardship might be a good thing if it gets people to start creating and striving to improve.

I hope by giving competition to other businesses, they improve. That’s our job, and competition is great. If I stay open late, they have to stay open late; it helps the whole neighborhood. And that’s not just for restaurants, it’s for every business.